Treasuring memories

A sponsored guest post by Hearts in Diamond.

When Someone You Love Becomes a Memory, “Treasure” that Memory… Literally

Turning a loved one into a diamond creates an eternal bond between the living and the departed.

One of the hardest things to deal with when it comes to grief is accepting that the physical presence of that departed will never be experienced again. Accordingly, the word “bereavement” is actually derived from the Old English word “berēofan” which meant to “deprive, rob of” — and that is exactly how people that have lost a loved one feel — as if they’ve been robbed or deprived.

What if you could keep a physical aspect of your loved one with you until the end of your days? Modern technology provides a way to take a sample of cremated ashes or hair from a loved one that passed on, and have it transformed into a diamond. Not just any diamond, a real, authentic lab-grown diamond that possesses the same physical and chemical properties of a mined-diamond.

Memories are the Most Powerful Things Left Behind — “Treasure” them

Following the death of a loved one, the memories held by the bereaved are cherished. All over the world, millions of people have found a way to take their special moments and memories they had with the person that died, and turn them into a literal treasure — a man-made diamond.

A cremation diamond made from the pure carbon extracted from the hair or ashes of a loved one pays tribute to their memory in many ways:

  •  Every time the person looks at their memorial diamond, thoughts about their departed loved one come to mind.
  • When someone compliments or asks about the piece of cremation diamond jewellery, the bereaved have the opportunity to explain the eternal connection and share memories about the one who passed away.
  • Memorial diamonds and the jewellery used as settings can be highly customized. The 4Cs, colour, cut, clarity, and carat are specified by the client. Then, they are able to choose from more than 500 jewellery settings to find the piece that truly represents their loved one. When shopping for cremation diamond jewellery with Heart In Diamond, one can even make arrangements with a local jeweller in order to customize the piece to be symbolic of their loved one. Learn more about our diamond creation process at our site, Heart In Diamond.

Sharing Memories as a Group and Connecting with Others Promotes Healing

Talking with others and sharing the memories of a loved one who has passed away is one of the most effective ways to deal with the emotions that accompany grief. A common misconception about grief counselling and group retreats is that only people who are having complicated grief or are stuck in their grief can benefit.

On the contrary, anyone that has experienced the loss of a close loved one can benefit, learn, and grow through sharing their experience and connecting with others.

If you are grieving the loss of a loved one, whether the death occurred recently or in the past, consider attending a retreat that can help rejuvenate your soul and strengthen your acceptance and understanding of death.  See more here: Living with Loss Retreats