Daily Moments

It can just take a few words to change the tone of your day, lifting you above the daily grind. Some well-placed words can cheer you up; motivate you to keep going; inspire you with a new perspective on a familiar topic.

These daily readings don’t have many words. Each page can be easily read in ten, five or even two minutes. Over 1300 quotations, poetry extracts, short texts and scriptures have been carefully selected to provide the maximum impact for the minimum of words.

To get the most from this book, I invite you to take yourself to a quiet place—environmentally and inwardly quiet if possible—so that you can focus on what you read. Reflect upon the message on the day’s page. Does it ring true for you? How does it apply?

You may like to turn your thoughts into prayers, and perhaps write notes or additional scriptures that come to mind.

Instead of the day’s page, you may sometimes want to choose a topic from the index at the back of the book.

Daily Moments is my first self-published book. It is now available in paperback and as an e-book. Large print edition coming soon.

You can order from Foyles and other good bookshops, or order online:

You can buy it from my own Amazon.co.uk bookshop at this link

New edition, available worldwide directly from Amazon.com

E-book/Kindle edition here


Product Details

ISBN 9781326791926
Pages 384
Binding: Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior Ink: Black & white
Weight: 0.37 kg
Dimensions (centimetres) 10.8 wide x 17.48 tall




Text is simply laid out and each paragraph of the days’ reading is enough to ponder and reflect on for moment or so. I find it an uplifting devotional that feeds, strengthens and inspires challenge and growth in my daily walk, without pressurizing in any way. I have gifted this book already and those in receipt likewise enjoy. A very worthwhile addition to anyone’s daily devotional collection. Oh and another gem is the topical index at the back of the book, this adds value and something to look forward to when time allows for a more in depth devotional.